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Smart Home Organization Tips

Smart Home Organization Tips

Get organized around the house using these tried-and-tested home organization ideas for keeping your space tidy.

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Family life gets so much better when you finally employ smart home organization tips. Sure, it can be avoided; however, being unorganized can make life tough in a number of ways.

Disorganization in your home can cause an unending, overall sense of stress, because you’re lacking a certain amount of order in your life.

Been there. Done that. Not going back!

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” 

Babara Hemphill

It also causes unsightly clutter and makes it hard to find things.

The good news is that with some easy home organization tips, you can have your home whipped into shape in no time. Say yes to a clean house!

Alright, it may seem like an impossible task right now, but when broken down into smaller projects, organization is inevitable.

Smart Home Organization Tips

Have you ever wondered how to organize your home like a professional? Still thinking about how to organize without spending money? Struggling to motivate yourself to declutter?

Well, let’s get to it. Try these quick home organization tips for maintaining a clutter-free home.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Smart Home Organization Tips

There’s no use in organizing items that you’re not going to keep, so getting rid of them first is a good initial step. It’s best to live by the rule that if you haven’t used an item in over a year and it doesn’t hold sentimental value, you should probably consider letting go of it. It’s time to say goodbye to it.

  • Make piles for trash, donations, and things to sell. You can use websites like eBay or Craigslist to sell unwanted items for extra cash.

Start Small

It’s important to set small goals for yourself, room by room, throughout your house. When you focus on everything as a whole it can get so crazy that it might just seem like a lost cause. So, if you have several areas in your home you want to get under control, start with just one. You decide which one to start with.

  • Try cleaning your bathroom, or better yet, just start by going through the cabinet underneath your bathroom sink. Throw out old items and organize the rest. Afterward, you can call it a day and then work on another small project another time.

  • As you move to new rooms, maintain the organization of the rooms you’ve already done. You don’t want to complete a few rooms only to find out that your bathroom cabinets are disorganized again.

Learn How to Store Things

Just because you’ve gotten your things out of sight, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got an organizational strategy. Plan a strategy to store similar things together in marked storage bins.

  • Once you follow through on your storage strategy, then you’ll know where things are. You can also benefit from learning how to store things in sight. Make good use of shelves, baskets, or furniture with built-in storage space to keep things neat and where you’re likely to need them.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

Once you have your home in order, it’s all about maintenance. You’ll need to find a way to keep things in order. Make a schedule to keep track of what chores are done and when. You can even schedule in a time to deal with clutter to get everything back into its proper place.

  • Dividing up the cleaning tasks throughout the week will make it easier to maintain the order you worked so hard to attain. This limits “chore time” to short increments of time. Instead of spending an entire Saturday cleaning, clean a room each day, and then you can have fun on the weekend while your home is still neat and tidy.

  • Establish the habit of picking up as you go. When you take something out of its place to use it, put it back when you’re done.


If you really want to change your life by adopting these smart home organization tips, you can make it happen. But don’t expect organization to happen overnight. Allow plenty of time to execute your game plan. 

Think creatively about additional areas that you can put to work to reduce wasted space. Donate or hold a garage sale for anything you don’t or can’t wear or use any more.   

Remember that the three rules to organization are visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. Therefore, choose storage containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents and save valuable time.

And even if you’ve been unorganized forever, simply use these tips to help you turn things around and enjoy the clean home you’ve created.

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Over to you: What are some of your best home organization tips? Share with us in the comments.

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, and the bold & visionary Founder of and, her vacation site. She leads Exuma’s emerging boutique cleaning service, happily delivers expert advice on tools, cleaning products, DIY substitutes, and practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems. She enjoys singing, travelling and meeting new people.

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