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Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

Some folks have no clue what products are needed for cleaning a bathtub, polishing chrome, or what products they should use to disinfect counter tops, how to clean an oven, or how to clean a refrigerator.

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Professional cleaning services are recommended because cleaning your house or workplace could be tedious. And if you decided to clean it yourself, it could really be hectic.  Even more, despite all your efforts, it could miss that professional touch – the shine that you expected to see after so much cleanup effort.

I’ve been working hard growing a cleaning business, I’ve been in a lot of people’s homes and I can tell you a lot of stories!! Truth is, some people do not know where to start with cleaning.

Cleaning is not for everyone, especially when you come back home and open the door to see a messy lounge and bedrooms. These professional cleaning services could be costly, depending on wages per hour. However, the world of the internet provides you with many possibilities to find more affordable services.

“Cleaning with children in the house really is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.”

Joleigh Little

So, check out these amazing benefits of hiring professional cleaning services:

Professional Cleaning Services Benefits

Struggling to properly clean glass shower doors? Ever wonder why a professional cleaning job feels so much different than when you do it? What do professionals know that you don’t know? How do they get things so clean so quickly?

This article exposes some of our secrets but first, let’s uncover some of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Services


Working long hours is already stressful enough, adding up the chore of cleaning your house is just another weight on your back. There’s where professional cleaning help comes to your rescue. A professional cleaner would not only save time but also clean up the nooks and crannies, which you couldn’t probably access.

Skilled Professionals

The company you hire should have and employ skilled and highly trained professionals with a secure background check. These well-trained professionals will complete the cleaning process efficiently and in less time because of their training.

Stay Stress-Free

When professionals are handling all your cleaning chores, that improves the possibility for you to remain stress and anxiety-free. Why stay tensed about cleaning or trying to find hours in your schedule to clean up your house?

Allow the cleaning company to take on your house cleaning burdens as theirs. These cleaners have special time-saving tricks, which don’t require them to expend a lot of energy in some instances.

Professional Bi-Weekly Cleaning

It’s all about maintaining a healthy and clean property. Therefore, scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly home cleaning service could result in lessening dust allergies whilst keeping your home as a clean and beautiful space.

Although you might feel you can’t afford a professional cleaner, a bi-weekly cleaning offers an affordable way to keep your home well maintained. Here are just some of the benefits of professional bi-weekly cleaning.

  • Cleanings are Scheduled
  • Experienced Cleaners
  • Teach Your Children Cleaning Habits
  • Consistency
  • More Down Time
  • Cleaning Supplies are Included
  • Customized Cleaning Packages
  • A Clean Home

Top Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

Professional Cleaning Services

Most of us are familiar with spring cleaning. There are, however, a few tips you can take from the pros that will make it more efficient and manageable. What are some secrets that every individual should know that can help make house cleaning more fun and run more smoothly?

The One-Year Principle

Most professionals have at least a variant of this particular rule, which says that if you have not used an item for at least one year, you probably shouldn’t keep it.  There are exceptions to this rule, but it is a good general idea. When deciding whether to keep or toss an item, think about when you last used it, and if it has been too long, it is likely useless and taking up valuable space.

Time It

When you clean, chances are you probably wander from task to task, right? In fact, cleaning out your closet can likely take an entire day. You get distracted by the items you find. Your children need your help. You get an urge for French fries and have to run out or you suddenly get a phone call from Uncle George. All of this means it is going to take you much longer to clean than it should.

So, give yourself a set amount of time to get the job done. Then stick to it. For example, give yourself no more than an hour to clean out that closet. Not sure you can do it? Reward yourself if you meet your goal.

Focused cleaning time means you’ll pay more attention to what you’re doing. You’ll do a better job cleaning and you’ll get it done quickly. When you set a time limit you won’t suddenly call your girlfriends. You won’t get distracted by a television program and you won’t run out for a quick snack.

Make It Fun

Cleaning fun?


Well it doesn’t have to be a drag. Listen to music. Open the windows and use cleaning products that make you feel good. Organic or natural cleaning products won’t affect your eyes or lungs. And they smell great too.

Buy Good Cleaning Supplies & Tools

Speaking of cleaning products…

In addition to buying natural cleaning products, make sure you’re using cleaning products that work. Spending a little extra money on a good cleaning product actually saves you money. If you buy a cheap product that doesn’t work or isn’t the right product for the job, you end up using more of it. You waste the product and you still don’t get your home clean.

Additionally, make sure you have the right tools for the job. For example, an old toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning tough corners or grout. A good mop saves time. And a vacuum cleaner with the right attachments means you are able to get every piece of dirt.

And remember, you don’t always need a new cleaning product for every room and task. Surface cleaner for your kitchen will clean the surfaces in your bathroom too. Abrasives for your stovetop work for your bathtub too.

Want to know what else professional cleaners do? They:

  • Group similar tasks
  • Have a tote to organize and contain their cleaning products
  • Dress for the job
  • Multi-task

Cleaning Top to Bottom

This is a basic rule that is always wise. When spring cleaning, begin cleaning at the top of each room and continue on toward the bottom. For example, begin with cleaning ceiling fans or ac vents, washing walls, then cleaning furniture and tables, and finally give the floor a thorough cleaning. Most particles generally fall downwards, and this secret ensures that you will not clean the floor, only to have dust and other junk fall from furniture as you move to the next step.

Professional Cleaning Services

Keep, Donate, Trash

When you are going through anything from old clothing to extra clutter, keep this simple rule in mind: keep, donate, or trash. Always divide the items into three piles as you sort them. Keep the items you love, donate the items that are in good condition but someone else can put to better use, and trash anything with damage. This makes every pile easier to deal with and to organize.

Don’t Work Alone

Even the most ambitious and organized professional will tell you that it is almost always easier to get a job done with a little help. If possible, include family members by giving everyone their own personalized “to do” list. If you are not getting enough cooperation from immediate family members, or you live alone, consider doing a cleaning swap with friends, or give thought to hiring a professional.

Work in Sections

One tried and true method for making spring cleaning easier to handle is by working in segments in your home. If you attempt to tackle everything at once, you will soon be overwhelmed. Move through your home room by room, and corner by corner. In no time at all, you will have completed your entire list.

Minimize, Minimize, Minimize

Any professional will gladly remind you that the fewer items you have, the less you will have to clean and organize later on. As mentioned before – when you are going through your home during spring cleaning, think about what you can live without. Get rid of unnecessary items whenever possible.


There are many benefits of hiring professional cleaning services. Allowing more time for you and your family and the after clean satisfaction are just a few.

Spring cleaning is not always an easy task, but if you follow a few simple principles, you will make it much easier on yourself. Cleaning Service Professionals have some secrets that can help anyone who is looking to become more efficient anytime of the year.

Sure, professionals focus, they get the job done quickly and they use the right tools. Nevertheless, if you’ll embrace these handy secrets and add a little bit of work, you will soon have your home looking beautiful once again.

One of my favorite things about my business is receiving all the positive feedback from clients that share how much they appreciate my services.

So, if you still lack a plan of attack for cleaning your home or rental property, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

That’s all there is to it!

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, and the bold & visionary Founder of and, her vacation site. She leads Exuma’s emerging boutique cleaning service, happily delivers expert advice on tools, cleaning products, DIY substitutes, and practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems. She enjoys singing, travelling and meeting new people.

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