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Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Although it’s often the most intimidating room in the house to clean, our ultimate bathroom cleaning checklist makes meticulously scrubbing every part of the room—tub, sink, medicine cabinet and toilet—feasible.

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Were you still searching Google and Pinterest for bathroom spring cleaning tips? There’s so much to clean in a bathroom that spring cleaning might seem like a big job. Would you agree?

It’s true that there is a lot to clean for such a small space. However, with a few tips and a handy checklist you can spring clean your bathroom in just a few minutes.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust the knickknacks, art and ceiling corners
  • Dust/vacuum heating and exhaust vents
  • Remove shower curtains, towels, bath mats, and draperies. Launder according to directions.
  • Scrub the shower, tub, toilet, and sinks. Don’t forget to wash the outside of the toilet.
  • Clean the shower door if you have one.
  • Clean the mirrors and windows.
  • Empty the medicine cabinets and under sink cabinets. Wipe down the inside. Organize items. Throw away anything that is expired.
  • Sweep and mop the bathroom floor. Vacuum if it is carpeted
  • Clean the trash can inside and out.
  • Wash the walls.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This printable Bathroom Spring Cleaning checklist is super easy to follow while it guides you through cleaning places you’ve never thought to clean before:

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

These expert tips will help you clean your bathroom quickly and easily. Shucks, it might even be fun!

#1 Use green cleaners. Because bathrooms are enclosed spaces you’re more vulnerable to the fumes from traditional cleaners. Using green cleaners, and turning on the ventilation fan, will help reduce irritation. It’s also better for the environment.

#2 Make it fun by playing music. House cleaning can be fun. Playing music helps pass the time and the acoustics in your bathroom will make you sound great if you choose to sing along!

#3 Group similar tasks. For example, if you have the mirror cleaner out clean the glass shower door and windows at the same time. If you’re cleaning the sink then clean the tub too. They use the same cleanser and cleaning tools.

#4 Gather your equipment and supplies before you start cleaning. This way you won’t have to take a break to hunt for equipment.

#5 Use a toothbrush to clean the grout in your shower and around your bathroom sink and faucet.

#6 Save cleaning out the cabinets for last. This is a bit more time consuming. Or you can manage this task after you’ve sprayed your bathtub/shower cleanser on. Letting the cleanser sit for a few minutes often make the soap residue easier to scrub off.

#7 Work toward the toilet. If you’re going to be using the same cloth to clean your shower, sink and toilet, save the toilet for last. This way you won’t cross contaminate.

Help When You Need It

Spring cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be tedious. A few smart tips and a handy checklist make sure you don’t miss a thing. Once you’re done, consider rewarding yourself with a long hot shower or bath in your newly cleaned room.

However, I do understand that finding time to clean the bathroom is difficult in our modern lives. Do you need more than a few handy bathroom spring cleaning tips?

Are you too busy to clean the bathroom as often as you’d like? Or would rather spend your free time enjoying our picture-perfect beaches with friends or family?

I can help. My company proudly offers one-time or regular custom cleaning services for any budget. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Over to you: What else would you add to your bathroom cleaning checklist? Tell us in the comments

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid Newbold

Ingrid is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, and the bold & visionary Founder of and, her vacation site. She leads Exuma’s emerging boutique cleaning service, happily delivers expert advice on tools, cleaning products, DIY substitutes, and practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems. She enjoys singing, travelling and meeting new people.

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